Why are the small town Lubomierz in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship and the village Dobrzykowice near Wroclaw the unofficial capitals of Polish comedy cinema?

Because it was here that one of the most famous Polish comedies “Sami swoi” was created. Most of the film’s scenes were filmed in Dobrzykowicach, while Lubomierzu was mostly urban.

In Lubomierzu there is a museum of the heroes of the film – Kargula i Pawlaka.

And in Dobrzykowicach – the monument that you see in the photographs, dedicated to the anniversary of the film.

The movie is a must, and the monument is a must when you are in those parts. Everything around is interesting there. 🙂 In addition to “Sami swoi”, two other famous Polish comedies were filmed in these picturesque places – “Nie ma mocnych” and “Kochaj albo rzuć”.


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